Nabendu Bhattacharjee:

Proud to be a Bangladeshi citizen. He is always intend to solve all kinds of critical Intellectual Property related issues, based on one’s need. It is his goal to ensure the maximum use of innovative power of the people. He believe that all human being are intellect by born and by using this intellect every one build his own Intellectual Property. He is willing to give highest protection to all kinds of Intellectual property related issues and committed to protect one’s intangible rights.

He has credentials in all aspects of Intellectual Property law, litigation and it’s enforcement. He has been engaging himself as an attorney for the numerous domestic and international clients to both Higher Court, Lower Judiciary and Trademarks Tribunals too, regarding their all IP related issues and pertained litigations. By the way of his practice in Bangladesh Supreme courts he extend to provide pro bono counseling to the clients in all aspects involving the anti-counterfeiting measure, passing off and Trademark infringement. He is associated with many national and international corporate organizations and is a regular speaker since he was the student of LL.B (Hon’s) and articulating his views on IP laws and its infringement. He is now a trusted advisor to many national & multinational companies worldwide.