What is Geographical Indication or GI?

Geographical Indication or GI is a kind of intellectual property rights that are associated with culture, geography, heritage and traditional practices of people in a certain country or area. GI is always associated with a thing or product to a certain territory, region or locality of that country.

GI identifies a certain thing or product originating from a certain locality and always reveals a qualitative identity e.g. quality, reputation or characteristics between the goods or products and the locality. Geographical indications are the indications or signs for a thing or product or service associated with its geographical origin.

We, NB & Associates, are surely proud; because we have some goods which fall under the geographical indications; such as Dhakai Jamdani, Nakshikantha, FazleeAam(Mango) from Rajshahi, Hilsha Fish from Chandpur, Curd from Bogura, Rashmalai from Cumilla etc. These are the products or goods that fall under GI category. Bangladesh Government has identified a total of 73 food and non-food products that may be protected by GI.

Geographical Indications in Bangladesh Perspective:

In Bangladesh, now GI is not widely known to all but we have about hundreds of GI products including food and nonfood item. Administrative and concerned offices are very well aware about GI and they are taking initiative to protect our GI.