A corporate marketing strategy, the brand and design should be developed to attract customer’s attention and should be legally protected. It is extremely important. An industrial design is generally the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of a product. It may consist three dimensional features, such as the shape or configuration of an article or of two dimensional features, such as images, pictures, drawings, and so on that rely color.

An industrial design provides its owner the exclusive right to prevent unauthorized copying or imitate by third party.

This include the right to exclude all others from making, offering putting on the market, importing , using, selling the product in which the design is incorporated or the which it is applied.

In the recent past design Protection has been extended in many Countries including Bangladesh every day a number of design applications are being filed for registration in the Trademark Registry.

For granting a Design Registration it fall under the following:

  • It must be new or novel
  • It must be original ( created by the designer )
  • It must have an individual character