NB & Associates is a comprehensive intellectual property & business law firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.NB & Associates are always committed to clients care. We believe our attention to our client’s needs are reason for our continuing success .Our overall philosophy is our commitment to providing clients with professional and pragmatic legal advice. We aim to provide a balance between the minimization of legal risk and commercially sound and cost effective solution. The law firm dedicated to protecting the ideas and innovations of the clients around the worldwide. We undertake to protect and enforcement of the intellectual property & business law related rights as well as civil and criminal cases in case of any violations thereof by third parties. But more importantly, our strength comes from our clients’ trust that we will give them the quality of service that they deserve. It’s our business manner to find creative and commercial legal solutions whilst focusing on making the law work for you.

Our lawyers are skilled and understand client’s priorities, identifying their needs and communication legal issues in a comprehensible manner. We strive to build professional relationships with our clients based on trust, mutual respect and effective communications. We certainly and surely make pave a way to expand intellectual property & business law related rights beyond the customer’s satisfaction. The firm’s Participation in all kinds of legal matters has contribute to its reputation for successfully carrying out a variety of mandates.